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Book Review: Easy Frugal Cookbook: 100 Satisfying Recipes That Won't Break the Bank by Sarah Walker Caron

Easy Frugal Cookbook: 100 Satisfying Recipes That Won't Break the Bank by Sarah Walker Caron aims to give readers the ability to make hearty meals that are tasty, budget-friendly, and nutritious. Recipes include dishes like Crispy Coconut Drumsticks or Open-Face Turkey Sandwiches for everyone in the house for just $5. All it takes is the right recipe, a few tricks, and a little planning to make the most of your food budget. The cookbook offers budget tricks and tips to lower the cost of ingredients even further.

Easy Frugal Cookbook is a book that offered something very much needed, ideas for keeping your family fed for less money than you might expect. The recipes are easy to follow, practical, and include ingredients that are common and generally easy to get. I did find it to be very simple, and as someone that grew up in a very frugal home as a child and still of the same mentality, a little condescending. However, that could just be because of my mindset when reading and the fact that very little of the book was new to me. I think this book would be most helpful for readers that are just getting started in their adult lives, or those that have never really thought about cooking or a budget before. Some of the recipes gave me ideas, but for me including recipes like scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and wraps was a bit basic- although I know there people that need instruction for the things I no longer need to think about.

Easy Frugal Cookbook is a cookbook for those just starting out cooking and thinking about budgeting. This might be a good gift to those striking out as lone adults for the first time or adding members to their household and needing to readjust the budget.

Book Review: The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Your Oven and Mini Donut Maker by Sara Mellas

The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Your Oven and Mini Donut Maker by Sara Mellas is newly published cookbook. Who doesn’t love a good donut? From sugared or sprinkled to frosted or filled, donuts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and sweeten your day. The best part is you don’t need to fuss with frying to whip up these fun, flavorful treats at home. Theses donuts can be made in an oven or donut maker, providing plenty of tried-and-true tricks and tasty recipes for beautifully baked donuts, donut holes, mini donuts, and more. From sweet staples, such as Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts to creative savory bakes like Jalapeno-Cheddar Cornbread Donuts, this donut cookbook serves you dozens of delightfully simple recipes to match every craving, along with perfectly paired frostings, glazes, and toppings.

The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook is a cookbook for every donut lover, particularly those of use that do not want to fry. Spending the last twelve weeks or so home with my family I have made all of my tried and true recipes, ran out of flour and yeast, and resupplied while looking for new things to try. This book was well timed, and inspired me to make some donuts. I am lucky enough to have a donut pan, and plenty of other pans, and was happy to find some new things for my weekend baking. I thought the introduction, including the basic techniques and supply lists were nicely done, and as a fellow New Englander the explanation behind writing the book resonated with me. I thought the recipes were easy to follow, well labeled, and detailed. I like the variants and options were also included, because I love to fiddle with recipes and find these suggestions helpful both in deciding if my idea will work and if the author already came up with something even better. There are several recipes that really caught my eye, some I was ready to try right away and others needed a shopping trip to complete so had to wait a bit. I was impressed that there were gluten free, vegan, and boozy recipes. The classics went over the best in my house, like the chocolate cake and pumpkin donuts- but the glazed blueberry and several filled donuts were also well received. 

The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook is a great resource for bakers that want to try their hand at donuts, without frying anything. Frequent bakers might want to add this to their cookbook collection, dabbles might want to borrow it from the library for the first look through to decide if they will use it often enough- I have a feeling I will be needed a paper copy.

Early Book Review: New World Sourdough: Artisan Techniques for Creative Homemade Fermented Breads; With Recipes for Birote, Bagels, Pan de Coco, Beignets, and More by Bryan Ford

New World Sourdough: Artisan Techniques for Creative Homemade Fermented Breads; With Recipes for Birote, Bagels, Pan de Coco, Beignets, and More by Bryan Ford is currently scheduled for release on June 16 2020. Learn how to make a sourdough starter, basic breads, as well as other innovative baked goods from start to finish with Instagram star Bryan Ford's (@artisanbryan) nontraditional approach to home baking. With less emphasis on perfecting crumb structure or obsessive temperature monitoring, Ford focuses on the tips and techniques he's developed in his own practice, inspired by his Honduran roots and New Orleans upbringing, to ensure your success and a good return on your time and effort. Ford's recipes include step-by-step instructions and photographs of all of the mixing, shaping, and baking techniques you'll need to know, with special attention paid to developing flavor as well as your own instincts.

New World Sourdough offers readers exactly what the title promises, an accessible guide to sourdough and recipes to use the starter. The descriptions and instructions are well written and easy to follow, and the photographs of the dough and finished product are very well done. I am still not a fan of the ingredients list being off to the side rather than at the top of the recipe, but it worked better for me here than it has in other cookbooks. I like the approachable style of this book, and it has made me a little more comfortable with my attempts at sourdough, which was feeling a bit too much work after some less than successful attempts while home  maintaining social distance from the rest of the world. There are a few recipe that on my list of things to try out soon, and we will see if they turn out nearly as well as I hope.

Early Book Review: Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible by Erin Gardner

Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible by Erin Gardner is currently scheduled for release on June 1 2020. Sometimes you need to take a mini vacation from the demands of daily life, and the kitchen is the best space for it. How can you return those emails when there’s dough on your hands? It would be counterproductive to handle clean laundry after dipping chocolates all afternoon, right? Whether you’re avoiding work, the news, or just trying to keep your hands busy, baking offers the perfect escape.

The digital galley for Procrastibaking landed in my hands at the perfect time- as my family were stuck working and learning from home and not going much of anywhere. When better to turn math lessons into treats, or delay dealing with a problem that really should not belong to you than by producing edibles in the kitchen? I enjoyed testing and planning to try out some of these 100 recipes. Some call for an hour, some call for a weekend, and all end in something yummy to eat. I still have several of the recipes bookmarked for further testing. I enjoyed the small asides that were between the recipes. Sadly some of the suggestions, like running down to the store for the perfect fruit or gourmet chocolate were not a good idea when I was reading the book I still enjoyed the sentiment- and could spend that time to see if I could order the same things online for delivery. As a whole; the recipes were easy to follow, the tone of the writing was fun and conversational, and I really enjoyed this book.
Procrastibaking is a fun and well written collection of recipes to try, regardless of if you should really be doing something else.

Early Book Review: Half the Sugar, All the Love: 100 Easy, Low-Sugar Recipes for Every Meal of the Day by Jennifer Tyler Lee; Anisha Patel

Half the Sugar, All the Love: 100 Easy, Low-Sugar Recipes for Every Meal of the Day by Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel is currently scheduled for release on December 24 2019. Today children routinely consume three times the recommended daily allowance of added sugar, which puts them at an unprecedented risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess weight, and even nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Half the Sugar, All the Love is here to help, with 100 doctor-approved recipes that cut the sugar (by half—or more!) without sacrificing the flavors our families love. It’s an eye-opening education, a program of healthy eating, and a cookbook chock-full of easy, delicious recipes all in one. 

Half the Sugar, All the Love is a well organized, easy to follow cookbook. The text explains the various types of sugar and the science of how our bodies deal with the sugar we eat. I think this is a great resource for people trying to make the change to eat less sugar, and I think it will serve parents starting healthy eating habits for the whole family well. For those of us more set in our ways, and more resistant to making huge changes all at once I think the information and recipes here can help us make small changes in our lives, and make us more aware of how we can make some flavorful choices that could help us be healthier. I am glad to say that some of the substitutions are things I already do, but the book inspired some other changes in my regular cooking. So, even if you have no plans to go full tilt toward limiting the added sugar in your current diet, this book could inspire you to taking smaller steps towards healthier eating. I was inspired by some of the information and recipes to try some new things and mix things up a little.For readers like vme I would suggest borrowing from the library, however for readers that are invested in lowering the added sugar in their diet I fully support adding this book to your home library. 

Half the Sugar, All the Love is a great resource for readers new to cooking, or well established in their own home kitchen, that want to lower the amount of added sugar in their family's diet. 

Book Review: The Easy 30-Minute Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Recipes for Busy People by Taylor Ellingson

The Easy 30-Minute Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Recipes for Busy People by Taylor Ellingson is a collection of recipes that are budget-friendly, health-conscious, and super tasty—and all of them can be made in half an hour or less. No need to be an experienced home chef. This cookbook can show you how to make good, fresh food at any skill level and help you make your kitchen as convenient as possible, with guides to the best equipment and ingredients to keep on hand. Some of the included recipes are: Mixed Berry Pancake Muffins, Pesto Turkey Burgers, Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad, and One-Skillet Cashew Chicken. This cookbook includes recipes tagged with icons for No Cook, One Pot, 5-Ingredient, or Superfast (10-minute) meals.

The Easy 30-Minute Cookbook is a book geared towards helping people eat healthier, faster. I like that the book starts with the basics, the information and tricks that new cooks might need to make informed decisions and speed up their cooking time. I found all of it to be common sense, and things I had been doing for years, but those just striking out on their own or just moving past pasta and the basics. The recipes are easy to follow with, with clear instructions and good tips and tricks for substitutions and shortcuts when applicable. I like that while the recipes aim for healthy and using fresh ingredients when possible, there is still some fat and richness with lower fat suggestions rather than ignoring the fact that we can all treat ourselves to an alfredo sauce if the mood strikes. Some of the recipes looked fantastic, and gave me ideas of things I might try to mix things up in my own cooking. However, not much struck me as terribly new or original- perhaps because I spend way too much time watching the Food and Cooking channels. I do think that this might be a valuable book for those just starting to have an interest in cooking more, or cutting back on take out for whatever reason. 

The Easy 30-Minute Cookbook is a well organized and accessible cookbook. I think it would be the most valuable to those just starting to cook on their own.

Book Review: Starter Sourdough: The Step-by-Step Guide to Sourdough Starters, Baking Loaves, Baguettes, Pancakes, and More by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Starter Sourdough: The Step-by-Step Guide to Sourdough Starters, Baking Loaves, Baguettes, Pancakes, and More by Carroll Pellegrinelli is a cookbook to get readers started to more creative bread. For perfect sourdough bread, you need a healthy and happy starter—that yeasty concoction that gives sourdough its tangy, delicious flavor. Starter Sourdough helps you get the tricky starter process down pat, so you can have mouthwatering loaves, rolls, baguettes—and even cakes and cookies! This guide simplifies the process of making your own starter so it’s accessible to anyone, no matter your skill level. Keep your tasty new creation alive and thriving with the help of clear instructions accompanied by beautiful photographs. Then try your hand at baking Perfect Italian Sourdough, Sourdough Marble Rye Bread, Double Piecrust, Sourdough Pretzels, Sourdough Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts, and more.

As someone that had a cinnamon 'friendship' bread starter ruling her kitchen for years I initial dreaded the idea of another starter in my house. As much as everyone loved that bread, there just was not enough variety and I could just not stand to eat anymore of it.  Starter Sourdough is the book that broke me of my fear of starters, and got me cultivating a new batch because of the versatility of this stuff. The fact that I can freeze it for later use, or even dry it, means that I am less likely to become overwhelmed with the amount of dough in the house, and makes my prep work for my big holiday baking sprees so much easier. 

I found the instructions and explanations to be very easy to follow and well organized. I like that there was so much room for customization- such as changing types of flour for flavor or diet restrictions. I cannot wait to try out the Roasted Garlic Sourdough and the Honey Oatmeal Bread,  as well as the more traditional loafs. However, I am very excited to give the sweeter recipes a go once my starter it ready, like the chocolate chip cookies, cheese and garlic and cheese bialys, and pretzels.   

Starter Sourdough is a book I would recommend adding to your kitchen library for anyone interested in working with a sourdough starter. I see much weekend baking in my future.

Book Review: Cookies for Everyone: 99 Deliciously Customizable Bakeshop Recipes by Mimi Council

Cookies for Everyone: 99 Deliciously Customizable Bakeshop Recipes by Mimi Council offers readers the recipes and detailed instructions for baking a variety of cookies. From soft and chewy basics to sandwich cookies, biscotti, macarons, and Florentines, easy recipes to help home bakers master the art of cookies, including tips for gluten-free, vegan, and high-altitude baking. Mimi's Tips and Tricks walk readers through key steps and techniques, demystifying baking; her clear instructions cover everything from basic cookies to sandwich cookies and biscotti. And for anyone who thinks more sophisticated cookies (such as macarons and Florentines) are impossible to make at home, let alone for "special diets," think again -- Mimi's excellent counsel will have you baking up a storm in no time.
Cookies for Everyone is a well organized cookbook for cookie lovers. I love giving cookies for gifts around the holidays- so this book was perfectly timed for me. I like that the book offers the basic how to's, equipment advice, and ingredient information before even touching on the recipes, so that those that have never been bakers can catch up to the more experienced readers right away. I also liked that there are specific instructions at the beginning of each chapter- because making some styles of cookies require some different techniques even if the basic ingredients are the same. I also like the there are instructions for changing up recipes to be gluten free or at high altitudes included for recipes. No one needs to miss out on their favorite cookie or guess at how to make changes to a recipe. I enjoyed the selection of cookies in the book, and how well organized it was. I do have a collection of cookie cookbooks, and am someone that spends much time researching for the perfect set of recipes for my holiday baking. I have to admit that I am not likely to buy any more cookbooks, but if I were this might just make it in my collection. I do highly recommend it for library collections, and would certainly borrow it from my local library to revisit some of the recipes.

Cookies for Everyone is a solid cookbook with some great cookie recipes. It is well structured and written- making it accessible to new and experienced bakers alike. 

Early Book Review: Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker: Reinvent the Slow-Cooked Meal; 77 Mouthwatering Recipes by Nicki Sizemore

Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker: Reinvent the Slow-Cooked Meal; 77 Mouthwatering Recipes by Nicki Sizemore is currently scheduled for release on October 15 2019. This book is filled with slow-simmered main dishes, plus 35 recipes for sauces and sides, that replace canned ingredients with fresh vegetables, boost flavor with aromatic herbs and spices, and feature a tantalizing array of global tastes in dishes that span the menu. Overnight Pumpkin-Brown Rice Pudding with crunchy pecans is a wholesome, hands-off breakfast treat, Thai Curried Chicken with Rice Noodles gets a spicy kick from curry broth, and Shredded Mole Beef Tacos are accented with the sweet heat of Quick Pickled JalapeƱos. Whether you’re feeding a family or entertaining a crowd, each recipe highlights prep work that can be knocked out days in advance, making serving meals worthy of every occasion easy and delicious.

Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker has a good variety of dishes, and taught me a few tricks for using my crock pot- even as I need to retire my old one due to seal failure after a solid ten years of use- and get a new one. While there are some recipes I do not see myself trying (only because if it only needs to be in there for an hour I do not see the point of using it) there are plenty they I fully expect to be trying in the coming months. I have one adult picky eater and one kid of a similar mindset, so it is easy to fall into a rut of eating the same meals all the time, because I know what everyone will actually eat. However, the rest of us get tired of the repeats, and I am looking forward to trying some of these recipes out to see what I can add to the rotation and to test out some of the ideas reading these recipes have given me. I really liked the basic information at the beginning of the book- laying out what type of slow cooker might be right for you, and why some of the preparations can or cannot be done in advance. In my need to replace my trusty crock pot I found the information to be helpful. 

Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker is a wonderful resource for tips and tricks in crock pot use, new recipes, and inspiration for further experimentation. I fully expect to be consulting this book many times in the future when planning family meals.

Book Review: 5-Ingredient One Pot Cookbook: Easy Dinners from Your Skillet, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan & More by Linda Kurniadi

5-Ingredient One Pot Cookbook: Easy Dinners from Your Skillet, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan & More by Linda Kurniadi offers readers a selection of one pot meals to help make meal planning and cooking easier, more enjoyable, and healthy. From waking up with a Tex-Mex Omelette to winding down your day with Chicken Cordon Bleu or a Ravioli and Spinach Bake for dinner, this cookbook offers low-effort, delicious dishes that need only one pot and 5 main ingredients to make. With most recipes requiring only 30 minutes or less to prepare, cook, and serve—and others that only take 20 minutes or less— the 5-Ingredient One Pot Cookbook gets you in and out of the kitchen in no time at all. The book also includes shopping and storage tips, along with an overview of cooking techniques for every piece of cookware. It is organized by cooking vessel and features skillet, saucepan, Dutch oven, sheet pan, baking dish, roasting pan, and no-cook bowl recipes.

5-Ingredient One Pot Cookbook was a well organized and useful resource. I like the way the book is organized, the information given on the different cookware, and how tips to adapt recipes to change ingredients or cooking tools can be done. Since I changed jobs this past summer, I have become more intent on meal planning and keeping the dishes simple, since my husband has had to take over the actual cooking part. I get the groceries, some of the prep work, and gather everything together for cooking ease. This also means a slow cooker meal about once a week. The recipes in the book help me get new recipes together, while not making my husband feel like a short order cook or under pressure to put together something complicated- while still mixing things up a little and making food the whole family will eat. It is hard to meet all those requirements in a single meal, but some of these recipes will fit the bill, or inspired me. The instructions and information is easy to understand and put into practice. I learned some great tips that I had never heard before, and am looking forward to trying out some new dishes.

Early Book Review: Double Awesome Chinese Food: Irresistible and Totally Achievable Recipes from Our Chinese-American Kitchen by Margaret Li; Irene Li; Andrew Li

Double Awesome Chinese Food: Irresistible and Totally Achievable Recipes from Our Chinese-American Kitchen by Margaret Li, Irene Li, and Andrew Li is currently schedule for release on February 9 2019. This book is from  three fun-loving, food-loving Chinese-American siblings--Margaret, Andrew, and Irene Li, the siblings behind Boston's acclaimed Mei Mei Restaurant and Street Kitchen--directly to your kitchen table. Their recipes take familiar dishes and add classic Chinese techniques, a fresh seasonal twist to beloved Chinese restaurant dishes, and layer of Asian ingredients into everyday family meals. Celebrate local veggies with a quick weeknight meal of Farmers Market Fried Rice or Summer Noodle Salad with Ginger Garlic Dressing. Invite all your friends over for an action-packed dumpling-making party featuring Sweet Potato, Feta, and Brown Butter Dumplings and the famous Double Awesome scallion pancake sandwich. Or go low-key and let the Five-Spice Pork Shoulder roast in your oven all day, transforming into a glorious meal for the whole family. The book offers a glimpse behind the scenes of a modern restaurant family, including start-up stories alongside go-to sauces to amp up any meal, and even vegetable-centric desserts. Packed with pro cooking tips, sustainable sourcing advice, and over 100 delicious recipes, Double Awesome Chinese Food will bring fascinating new flavors and crave-worthy dishes to your home kitchen.

Double Awesome Chinese Food starts with an introduction to the siblings that work, cook, and write together. I enjoyed reading about their family, philosophies, and how they got where they are. I also enjoy that they work so hard to be good to the environment and local food system, using local and sustainable ingredients. Including the use of quality and sustainable ingredients in their instructions to readers continues that trend. More experienced cooks might be tempted to skip the tips and tricks that are offered in the beginning of the book, but I highly recommend slowing down to read them. Some might seem obvious, like having a good knife and cutting board, but some others were so smart and simple I could not believe I was not already doing them. I found the information on finding the best ingredients useful as well, since have not been staples in my home and I want to make good choices when adding new things to the mix.

Now the important part, the recipes. I like that each section includes the story behind the dishes, and some options for changing things up a bit, as well as how to create the dish or sauce. The ingredient lists and instructions are easy to understand and leave readers hungry and willing to give it a try themselves. I have to admit to wanting to both run to the grocery store and get going in the kitchen as soon as I read each chapter, but had to hold myself back since I have to ease the picky eaters in my house into new flavors and trying new things.  I do plan on spending my next free day mixing up some of the basic sauces, and trying out a few recipes. There are some dumplings, fritters, and noodle based dishes that are the most likely (hopefully) to go over well with my family that I plan on trying. There are some great recipes that will just be for me, that I will gladly take to work with me and enjoy. I also liked the additional resources at the end of the book to help readers find what they need to achieve the best results. Readers that are looking to expand their cooking knowledge and skill set to include Chinese-n American cuisine will find what they are looking for here. 

Double Awesome Chinese Food is a well written and enjoyable cookbook to explore. I love Chinese-American food but have often felt too intimidated to give it a go. Even though I am no longer the primary cook in the house thanks to my work schedule, I fully plan on trying out a recipe (or two) for my next day off or inspired weekend of cooking.

Book Review: New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make by Carolyn Federman

New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make by Carolyn Federman utilizes easy techniques and recipes to teach basic cooking skills to budding chefs through simple dishes for children as well as adults. Recipes such as Savory Scones with Fresh Herb Butter, Black Bean Taco Bar, Two-Minute Guacamole, Meatballs and Tomato Sauce, and Yogurt and Berry Compote Parfait showcase healthy, seasonal ingredients and engage every sense with bright colors, fresh flavors, and exciting textures. Packed with information about kitchen science (like making pickles), garden ideas (like planting seeds from kitchen scraps and starting a compost bin), and heavily illustrated (every recipe is photographed), this cookbook makes being in the kitchen fun for everyone.
New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make is a nice, well organized cookbook for fairly simple recipes. I like that kitchen safety, techniques, and science are regularly focused on- letting even the youngest chefs work safely and know when they will, or won't, need help. Reminders of how to read a recipe, check the pantry and refrigerator before staring, and the explanation of key vocabulary words further aids chefs of all ages have success in the kitchen.  Some of the recipes are basics, and things everyone should know how to do before they leave home and need to fend for themselves. Some are very nutritious and fun to learn. Other recipes are very trendy and current- things my picky eaters would not be willing to cook or eat. The pictures and instructions are great, easy to understand and follow. Terms that might be new to readers are in bold, and the book encourages readers to look up cooking terms, ingredients, and other words that might not immediately recognize up to help them understand and follow the recipe. I also like that the author assures readers that sometimes recipes just do not work out perfectly, especially the first time we try them. The encouragement to try and have less that perfect results, and to be okay with that, is important and a great aspect of the collection.

PAIRED - Champagne & Sparkling Wines By Fran Flynn & David Stevens-Castro

  • Writers Digest Book Awards - First Place - Reference Category
  • Gourmand World Cook Book Awards - A 'Best in the World' award - Food & Wine Matching category
  • Foreword Reviews - Finalist - Cookbook of the Year
  • Australian Wine Communicator of the Year Awards - Finalist - Best Wine Book of the year These awards followed on from winning 'Best in Australia' in two categories of the Gourmand regional awards for 'Food & Wine Pairing' and 'French Wine' earlier in the year
Food and wine pairing can be easy! All you need are taste buds and a sense of adventure. This beautifully presented, full colour recipe book will encourage and support you to experience the pleasure of food and wine pairing for yourself. The first volume showcases sparkling wines of all styles, and challenges usual perceptions by offering sparkling wines with tantalising home-cooked recipes for all courses of a meal, not just with finger food. The delicious recipes, presented by husband-and-wife team wine expert David Stevens-Castro and food photographer Fran Flynn create a foundation to apply your new pairing skills with confidence. Leave your comfort zone behind, try the unexpected, and bask in discoveries that your taste buds will be forever grateful for. Renowned award-winning wine expert Tyson Stezler contributes a foreword and discusses the current trends in champagne and sparkling wine consumption. Aimed at anyone with an interest in food and wine, this book uses a light-hearted and accessible style of language, plus full-colour illustrations to guide you on the right path to understanding food and wine pairings for yourself, with the added benefit of demystifying terminology and explaining wine labelling. Seven chapters each showcase a style of sparkling wine, present a visual synopsis of the country of origin, supply complimentary cheese ideas, and several recipes that will pair with the topical variety. Every recipe illustrated with full colour photographs is introduced by Fran, while David narrates some pairing suggestions. Common misconceptions about wine are dispelled, a broad range of dishes suitable for sharing and entertaining are presented, and suggestions on how you can introduce your friends to the wonderful world of food and wine are also provided. Note: All measurements appear in both imperial and metric format throughout the book.
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Book Review: 10-Minute Recipes by Liana Werner-Gray

10-Minute Recipes by Liana Werner-Gray is a cookbook for those that want to eat healthier, but need recipes that are quick and easy- and go beyond salads and grilled chicken.  In 10-Minute Recipes, you will find more than 100 recipes to get more of the essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients your body needs—each of which can be prepared in 10 minutes or less. Whether you're a meat eater or a raw vegan, this inclusive book offers options for juices, smoothies, salads, entrees, desserts, and more that will delight any palate. There is also advice on proper nutrition; tips for shifting out of toxic habits; and guides for specific goals such as weight loss, reducing inflammation, and increasing energy.
10-Minute Recipes is a well organized and easily understood cookbook. I have to admit that it was not the recipes or text that caught my eye though. As soon as I started reading I notice the beautiful, full-color pictures. The images are very well done and spaced through the book perfectly to enhance the text and catch the eye. The book describes the “Earth Diet” and there is a lot of information about nutrition and changing eating habits, and what you might expect in your body and mindset when you make these changes. Honestly, I was looking for recipe ideas and inspiration rather than this- so I was a little annoyed at how much of this there was, but some readers might find interesting and useful. I did like that she included information on the tools and equipment that the recipes would require before hand and the most likely ingredients that you might not already have on hand.. Nothing worse than planning on a recipe, buying all the ingredients, only to discover you are missing something important when you reread the recipe prior to getting started. However, it was not until page 40 in the book, chapter 5, before even getting to the recipes and them the first 4 chapters are all juices, drinks, and smoothies. In chapter 10 we finally get to things that require teeth.He recipes were alright, and certainly healthy. However, not much I could really use. When I saw 10-Minute recipes as the title I was expecting more things that I could toss together after helping my kids with their homework, and that we all would enjoy eating. IO did get some ideas for my own mornings, but not much that my family would eat for other meals. 

10-Minute Recipes is a good resource to those trying o change their lifestyle and eating habits to go very green and healthy, particularly if they want the philosophy and coaching to go along with it. It is not meant for the casual reader looking for inspiration and ideas to sneak in a little something healthier into their families dinner- quick before they notice. So, it was not meant for me- however I think those looking for this kind of help information, and support will get a lot out for this book.

Book Review: Everybody Loves Ramen by Eric Hites

Everybody Loves Ramen by Eric Hites is a book for everyone that have developed a taste for instant ramen noodles, whether from necessity or choice. This book offers related fun facts, stories, puzzles, and fifty recipes that anyone can make using the packets of Ramen. The combinations range from obvious to “really?” and stem from the experiments of the author and his friends conducted to concoct original, and hopefully taste, ways to cook a staple in their lives. 

Everybody Loves Ramen is a fun gift for students and adults making their way on their own for the first time. Almost everyone on a limited budget has turned to Ramen Noodles at some point, and these recipes are entertaining, and some sound appetizing. I will admit that I was a little disappointed, because I did not read the description and was hoping for a book on making traditional Ramen, but I was still entertained and have considered some taste combinations that had not been on my radar before. The book is fun and humorously written, well worth a look if you have any fond memories of Ramen, or are just starting to branch out into the hungry realm of “I’m broke” cuisine.