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I am currently taking a break from review requests. I have far too many books in my to be read pile to continue accepting more at this time. I will update this as soon as I am accepting them again. I will accept invitations to join blog tours involving excerpts, interviews, cover reveals and the like- because they offer me a little more time to read, review, and post my more time consuming posts. 

Review Requests will be ignored if sent prior to said update. I apologize if that seems rude, but it shows me that the requestor has nor taken the time to look at this, or the pinned post on the sidebar of my blog.

I love to read, and in turn review, books. I am open to book review requests. However, if I do decline a request to read and review, please do not be offended. I work, have two children, and occasionally get behind on both my NetGalley and personal reading. I do not accept payment for anything, including blog tours or guest posts. I do not get paid in away way. I write book reviews because I love books, reading, and the ability to share that love with anyone willing to read my thoughts. The only perks I get is the ability to read some books before they are published, and getting to connect with others that love books as much as I do.

Since I work in a library I often bring home more books for myself and my kids than one can reasonably read, but that does not stop me from trying. Between offers of free books, Netgalley, Amazon, and the library I often have more books on hand than I even remember having. For this reason, I also guarantee no time frame for a review being written. I try to get galleys and ARCs read and reviewed before, or close to the publication date, but there are times that I fall behind or a book moves down the reading list for one reason or another. None of it is personal, it is just that all of my reviews are done in my free time and family and work has to come first.

Also, while I do read a wide variety of books there are occasionally topics or book descriptions that might make for a fantastic book, but just are not my cup of tea. For instance, I have discovered that I am not a fan or religious fiction as a general rule. I also avoid reading most books written in verse, self-help books, and non fiction on topics that I do not explore on my own. I have found a few exceptions to each of these, but tend to avoid those genres.

So, if you would to request that I review your book, please feel free to contact me, bookbabe76 (works on both gmail and yahoo). I am also open to taking part in blog tours, guest blogging, and other fun endeavors as time permits.

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