All About Me

My name is Sharon and I have always loved books. I was that girl in school that walked through the halls with a book in front of her and still managed not to bump into anything. I have read books from every genre, and gone through times where I read mostly one genre or another, but have found some good books in each of them. I still have a few favorites, and some that I typically avoid unless the pitch or blurb is compelling enough to capture my attention.

I happily married woman and a mother of two school age children. My kids are energetic, creative, and curious. Everyone that mets them comments of how unique and fun they are- and I usually reply that life never has a dull moment, and that I never lack for entertainment. I will often run into a teacher or camp councilor that I have not seen in awhile, and they always remember my two kids. I am rarely sure if this is a good or bad thing.

My day job is "Library Media Coordinator". I process, catalog, and maintain the materials for an elementary school library. I love fostering a love of reading in the next generation, and since my kids are the same age (or older) than the children I work with every day I often can suggest a just right book to make for a happy reader.

Many of the books I review come from Netgalley, although I do also get the occasional book from an author or their publicist. Other books I buy or borrow from the library. When I review I will note my source for the book in the tags. I always strive to review in an objective manner, and state any bias I have, like if the author is a favorite or if the genre or certain aspects of the book are not to my usual tastes. I have never accepted money, swag, or other things for the ability to read and review a book. On the occasion bookmarks or other things make their way to me those are immediately donated to the library I work in, or one I frequent.

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