Taking a Break from Review Requests

I love reading and reviewing books. From picture books, children’s books, and young adult novels, to adult novels that make me blush. Books that cover controversial topics or make me uncomfortable, or books that make me feel warm and fuzzy are all interesting to me. Every book has something to offer the reader, and I try to keep that in mind and read a little bit of everything. In the same vein I have a terrible time saying no to free book offers, review requests, and clicking that request button on NetGalley. 

Unfortunately, I have had to force myself to say no, actually I have had to say no to all emailed requests over the last month or so just because of how far behind I am. I have stacks of books in my house, a bag of library books, and over 80 books in digital format all waiting on me. I will get to them all, eventually, but find that the more books I see the more I want and I have become more than a little overwhelmed. The fact that I also write for a blog at my full time job, run an Etsy shop, and preparing for a related craft fair, and have a family and I just have more depends than time to full fill them all. 

So, to my favorite and much loved authors I am sorry that you have been neglected as of late. To those that are looking for honest reviews and other posts for your book(s), I am sorry that I cannot help right now, but when I feel more caught up and settled I will be back to accepting more books than I can possibly read until I feel buried again. There are just too many interesting books and wonderfully nice authors out there for me to stop.

I still have tons of reviews coming, and lots of book related articles that are written and ready to share with you. I will continue to share them Monday through Saturday, but I have to take a brief hiatus from accepting more books. 

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