Z is for Zoo- A to Z Challenge

Ever get the feeling that you live or work in a zoo, and that you are not only a captive but also the keeper? While I often feel that way at home, being a mother kind of requires it. Especially wit the addition of two crazy cats who insist on feuding whenever they are in sight of people and each other. My Z is for that zoo, and the poor overworked zookeeper.

The internet community often feels like a zoo too. Some members are insanely intelligent, others insanely... well, not. And if you spend any time on bulletin boards or public forums you will run into both. I think any gathering of people will have the same balance, although the smaller the group obviously the less varied the extremes will be. But in every environment is the keeper. The one soul that everyone feels safe and comfortable talking to. The one that somehow has to solve every problem, whether or not it effects them. And even when they need to retreat from the zoo, they are unable.

I am setting today, and hopefully many other days, to helping the keepers of other zoos. While I might be the zoo keeper most days at home, there are other people that put on that hat in other parts of my life. You must know at least one as well. The person that always seems to be in the middle making a valiant effort to make things better. Sometimes this poor soul has huge things going on in their own lives, that you know or do not know about. Take today to support that person, or people, in each of the communities you interact with. No matter their personal struggles, these zoo keepers do their best by us even when they really want to be home in their own bed hiding from the world.

Who are you a zoo keeper for? Who are your favorite zoo keepers in your life, online or off? Give your favorite support system some support, love, chocolate, or something today to let them know that you understand and appreciate their presence in your life.
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