Y is for You- A to Z challenge

Y is for you, the readers of this blog, my fellow A to Z challengers, and those in search of a good book. Thank you for reading, commenting, or just stopping in. Without you I would just be muttering in the dark, although I do that too. I am glad that you are here, that you are who you are, and that you let me be me.

I might not know you well, or at all, but you are here and I appreciate it. Aside from the spammers, which Blogger catches for me every time, you are wonderful readers. Every contact and connection I have had due to this blog has been with intelligent and absolutely fabulous people. Even if it has only been reading a new blog because of the challenge or a comment without an actual comment from me (mainly because I can not come up with a meaningful comment and refuse to leave the 'I was here' comments), I have loved every moment. I cannot wait to see where we go next.

Each and everyone of you is special and I am better for having contact with you. I mean you, yes you!
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