X is for Xerox- A to Z Challenge

X is for Xerox (I was having issues coming up with a topic, so be aware that I will twist this word around). Just about everyone has used, or heard, the word xerox used to mean a photocopy regardless of the brand of the copier machine. Just like the word Kleenex is often used for tissue, or scrunchie is used for a bulky ponytail holder even those that is just a different spelling of the name of the first company to market them.I so rarely buy the name brands of these things, unless a coupon or rebate is involved, but still find myself using the name brand as the name of what I want. There are lots of words like these, words that have become so much a part of daily life that we do not think about the accuracy of what we are saying.

Think about some of the name brands out there that are so iconic that they have become a substitute for the actual name of the product. Xerox, Kleenex, Miracle Grow, Coke, High C or Kool Aid, Mack truck, WD-40, Scotch Tape, and so on. Can you think of some I forgot?

What words like xerox do you use daily? Are there some that bother you?
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