Short Story Review: Pigsong by Frank Delaney

Pigsong is part of a series of short stories titled Storytellers by Frank Delaney. These short stories might have started as an introducing to Delaney's latest novel The Last Storyteller, but Pigsong is a great story in its own right. Like the other short stories in the collection, Pigsong echos the cadence and feel of the traveling storyteller entertaining in exchange for food and shelter. In Pigsong the storyteller gives readers a story about the magic of hope and justice. An evil couple provides labor for their farm by stealing unsuspecting individuals and keeping them as slaves. One such slave is put to work watching over the pigs. However, pigs are not the dirty, ignoble creatures they are often labeled to be. The pigs can hum, and one can even sing. The rhyming words of the pig led to freedom and one young man's journey to help those in despair. 

Pigsong is a charming story, with a unique feel that honors the oral tradition of storytelling. While the story itself is short, the reach is grand. Could a singing pig, one that sings in charmingly simple rhymes, inspire one frightened young man to free an army of slaves? Could imagination have truly inspired an oppressed community or culture to listen for the hidden songs that could guide them to independence? Would you be able to hear the song, and would you heed it?  

Pigsong, and the rest of the short story series, is available in e-book format. Delaney plans to continue releasing one story a month through the end of 2012. Each is accessible, entertaining, and thought-provoking for readers of all ages. In fact, I think I am keeping Pigsong on my iPod touch a little long to use for some bedtime reading with my children. I think my daughter would love the cadence, but it might give her too many ideas about raising up against the oppression of bedtime. 

I recommend Pigsong to readers that enjoy short stories, mythology, legends, and the oral tradition. I am ready to go back and read the other short stories in the Storyteller series that have already been released, and to keep on reading the series.
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