W is for Words- A to Z Challenge

W is for words. There is an almost endless supply of words at out disposal, endless really if you consider all the misspellings and made up words that creep up. Words can be very powerful, or absolutely meaningless.Sometimes the same exact words. I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you, and other phrases can hold life changing power or be rendered weak and meaningless depending on how they are used. This holds true in writing and in real life. Tone, context, and repetition can all render these words (and others)  impotent.

Think about some adjectives that sometime hold great significance, but more often that not fall flat simply because they are used so much. Some examples are pretty, healthy, or smart. They are thrown around so often that I think they have lost some of their power, and I often reach for different words when those are the first to come to mind. Today I will start paying more attention to the words I choice and how I use them, both to ensure that I am saying exactly what I mean, and to impart the degree of what I want to express.

Then there are the words that bring out the grammar nazi in me. While I am far from perfect, I am a horrific speller and have been know to type affect when I mean effect (although I generally catch both in my proofreading), the fact that people cannot pick the correct there, their, or they're irks me to no end. Come on! And the text message abbreviations and whatnot that show up on social networks will bring me to defriend or unfollow someone- it honestly bothers me that much. The only social network thing that bothers me more are the girls and women that think the pictures of them with fish lips are attractive. *shudder*

What words do you feel are most often over or miss used? Do you have a word pet peeve?
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