Book Review: Peaceweaver by Rebecca Barnhouse

Peaceweaver by Rebecca Barnhouse is a historical fantasy book for young adults. It is a companion book to The Coming of the Dragon. It is about inner strength and doing what is right, even when it might go against personal desires. Hild is sixteen and is thrilled that she is starting to be seen as more than a child by her uncle, the king. However, when she saves her cousin's life and kills the traitor in the process the war favoring adviser plants fear of her reasons behind the action in her uncle's ear. Events lead her on a dangerous journey as a promise to peace to an enemy king.The journey is hard, and there are creatures of legend living in the wood and treachery lurking behind the scenes. Hild faces many choices, will she risk everything for the greater good and the destiny she did not choose or will she choice her childhood dreams.

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