Picturebook Review: Pirate Vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum

Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match is a picture book written by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. Bad Bart and Mean Mo were the toughest, meanest pirates in their ownterritories. But each wanted to be the toughest in the whole world. So they each set off to make that happen. Since the world is round, the met up in the middle and neither would move for the other. They swapped insults and sulked, until they decided that they should hold a contest to decide who was the toughest. The pair tied a swimming race, a cannon ball throw, mast climbing, arm wrestling, hardtack eating, and even treasure counting contest. Finally, they even tie a sharing contest and end up tying the knot. Now Bad Bart and Mean Mo travel together are the mightiest couple on the ocean, so watch out.

Pirate vs. Pirate is a fun and entertaining tale. The words are printed in different sizes, and really display the emotions behind tem. The illustrations look soft like water colors, but with images like candles burning in Bad Bart's hat show the humor of the story easily. The pirate language, illustrations, and story line make this a fun read. However, reading aloud can be tough for those without pirate skills.

I recommend Pirate vs. Pirate for pirate lovers, and who does not love pirates? It can also be a great discussion starter for boys and girls that are beginning the battles over who is better. The answer that all of us are equal and treasures in own own right is perfect for any audience.
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