M is for Mistake, A to Z Challenge

M is for mistake. I am good at mistakes, I make plenty of them and always have. But, I like to think that I lear from them and find new mistakes to make. The only exception to this is spelling. I have never been good at spelling, ever. But I have learned how to recognize when I have made a spelling mistake and keep the tools to fix those mistakes handy. Spell check and a little dictionary on my desk at home work wonders. But for some reason there are words that I have misspelt a million times, and will do the same a million more. With some, I know I am spelling it wrong as I type, but continue to type. I go back and make the same corrections every time.

I make some other mistakes repeatedly, like trusting in some people to come through for me this time, or being lazy in my connections with friends and relying on electronic communication instead of paying them a visit. Some of this is optimism, some of it is my introverted tendencies keeping me in the safety of my home, and sometimes it is just me being lost n a book or my own own head. I know that these are my issues, and I work towards battling them regularly, but they seem to stick with me.

Do you have a mistake that you keep repeating? How do you try to move forward?
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