L is for Lost- A to Z Challenge

L is for Lost. Have you even woken up feeling lost and listless? There are days when I get up and go about doing all the things I need to do to take care of everyone else, but would much rather go back to bed. There are days when I lose interest in the books I wanted to read so badly the day before, the ideas I had been eager to write down, the crafts I had planned, and so on. These are the days that I feel lost. How do you manage those moments?

I typically will skip over the book, project, whatever, that I had planned on doing and shift gears. Instead of reading, I will write. Instead of writing I with crochet or sow. Instead of gardening I will jump in the kitchen and bake something or play with my oils to create new skin or hair care products. Sometimes none of things work and I need to try something new, like trying to learn a new skill, like knitting. On the days that the kids are home with me, rather than at school, I am often prevented from doing any of these things and let the kids pick an activity for the day (within reason of course). Often, just letting go and having fun with the kids will be enough to help me. Letter and other learning games with the kids help me the most, because we are having fun and I feel like I am accomplishing something.

There are days when looming (often self-imposed) deadlines drive me to work through the lingering feelings, but I do not trust the quality of projects finished in this state, which tends to bog me down even more. Lost and depressed I often find myself falling into the chocolate trap, which I can avoid if I pick up a project that keeps my hands busy- the real reason I learned to crochet.

Do you go through lost moments? How do you go from the land of the lost, to really feeling like you are living life to the fullest? Does reading, writing, or work help or hinder your efforts?

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