Early Book Review: Color Game for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn

Color Game for Chester Raccoon, written by Audrey Penn and illustrated by  Barbara L. Gibson, is a cute board book.  It is scheduled for release on May 15 20212. Chester and his friends take part in a rhyming I Spy game. They find some wonderful items in the natural world, and show counting and color recognition skills. The group of animals is well varied, and have fun with their finds. The illustrations are adorable, with fun cheerful faces and good detail work. The book is cute, short, and sweet; like any good board book should be.

I recommend Color Game for Chester Raccoon for starting discussions or games about colors, counting, or finding things in nature. It just might spur a great game of I Spy with any two through 5 year old. I know it did in my house.
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