W is for Weeding

W is for weeding. Weeding is a necessity in life, one that most of us do not enjoy. I am not just talking about in the garden either. Libraries weed out material that does not circulate or is no longer accurate or is damaged to the point that it can not circulate. People weed clothes out of their wardrobes that they either cannot or will not wear again. We weed out activities, people, thoughts and other things that are either unnecessary or sometimes downright toxic from our lives. The process is sometimes painful, but it is something that helps the rest of our lives remain healthy and flourish. Just like the weeds can strangle the vegetables or flowers in your garden, the extraneous things we need to remove from our lives can make our minds and hearts weak and fragile. We need to get rid of the weeds in our gardens, and the rest of our lives, in order to reach our full potential.

While there is a certain satisfaction of ridding yourself of the unwanted and unneeded things in life, sometimes it is still hard to acknowledge those things and say goodbye to them. Weeding a garden can be backbreaking work; leaving you sore, dirty and tired. The same holds true for other forms of weeding. However, if we keep up with the weeding, do a little every day or as we notice the unneeded creeping in, then the process can be much easier and almost relaxing. Actually I find weeding my garden, or sorting clothes to remove items that can go to goodwill, therapeutic. Particularly when I know the items that I am removing from my garden or closet can go to good use, the weeds to compost and the clothes to goodwill.

The mental weeding can be much harder. Getting rid of anger, guilt, fear, resentment and relationships that are toxic can be much more difficult that the more tangible forms of weeding. However, these mental or emotional weedings can be even more important. While physical weedings can improve your life in a notable fashion, ignoring your inner weedings can cause much more trouble than ignoring the physical. So, today I am going to find a quiet time and make sure that I have not been ignoring my inner weeds. I am going to look at my heart and mind to make sure that I am up to date yanking out those inner issues and get to work with dealing with whatever I find. Join me?
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