V is for Victory

V is for Victory. I like to honor the small victories, and have a bizarre tendency to ignore the big ones. I celebrate the victory of both children sleeping through the night with a nice cup of tea or coffee. The victory of them both being asleep by 8 with a dish of ice cream or other suitable treat for myself. I celebrate finishing one crochet project with starting another. I celebrate a successful garden or growing season with planning my next one, and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I try to revel in the little things, because even when the big stuff goes wrong the little victories can still persist. They can keep me going when the rest of the day has me wishing I could curl up in bed and hide.

However, the victories and occasions that other people seem to celebrate I just shrug over and move forward. When I get kudos for anything work, writing or singing related I generally just shrug it off. For as much as I want to do well, and want other people to enjoy or appreciate my hard work, I somehow also do not want to be the center of attention. I want people to think well of me, but in the long run I guess it is not all that important to me. I write, sing, etc because I love it and like to think I have something to share. I am glad that people read what I write, and hope that they like it. And while I want people to read my material, and greatly appreciate any income it brings, most of the time finishing and publishing something is often victory enough for me. I want to sing well when i perform, but more so because I want to do well for me than because I think that the audience will know if I flub something. I know very well that small mistakes, and even same huge ones, can go completely unrecognized in a music performance. When all else fails you can always claim that it was a new arrangement of the piece you were really doing. I am not sure if this makes me a better writer or performer, but I like to think that my love of what I am doing will reign victorious, rather than my lack of technical perfection.

What does it take for you to consider something a victory? How do you celebrate?
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