U is for Unexpected Revelation

U is for Unexpected Revelation. I had one tonight during choir rehearsal. While singing one of the show tune medleys, which will bore my husband to tears, I had the unexpected revelation that I love Broadway shows and music the same way I love books. Both tend to feature compelling stories. Some are serious, some are not. Some feature romance, some not so much. However, both offer me an escaped from the real world into one where the colors are a little brighter, the drama a little bigger, and the endings a little happier than one might expect to find in the real world.

This unexpected connection hit me while sing "Almost Like Being in Love". It was the similarity of shows like Brigadoon, Camelot and My Fair Lady (the ones we are working with for an upcoming concert) and the general feel of the romance novels that I love. Quirky characters, conflict, scenes that just make me laugh or smile like an idiot, and an ending that just make you feel good. This also awoke in me an unexpected craving for singing along with some show tunes in the car. Sadly when I had to switch up my car, the replacement does not have a cd player and my iPod has died. These unexpected complications make me sad.I now hunt to see if my old tape of Into the Woods will still play so that I can quench the craving in the morning.
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