T is for Thank you

T is for thank you, something that everyone needs to hear. Some people do not say it often enough, and many more do not hear it enough. I try to make an extra effort to say thank you to everyone that has done something that deserves a thank you. I remember my days working retail, my days in food service, my times working as a secretary or administrative assistant that all came with more aggravation than thanks.So, I make an extra effort to be sure to thank anyone that helps me in any way. The Dunkin' Donuts worker that hands me the caffeine I need to be civil on a working Saturday, the Stop n Shop employee that does the inevitable audit at self check out when I am in a rush, the person that holds a door open for me. I've been on the other side, I know how rude and selfish people can be, so I try to counteract the stresses of the day with a smile and thank you.

A simple smile and thank you can have a larger effect than a whole day of negative comments. I would much rather be the person that says thank you and makes a positive impact than contribute to someone else's bad day. Remember that they have most likely been dealing with cranky people all day, that they are most likely not getting paid a who;e lot to deal with it, and want to go home to be with their families as much as you do.

Take the time as give a smile and thank you to your waiter, the person that rings you up next time you go shopping, the bagger that smashes your bread, the person that is just doing their job. If they do not give you service, then stop and think about what kind of the day might have been having before you got there. Smile and give a thank you anyway. Help make some one else's day much better with very little effort. A simple thank you can change their day for the better, which could led them to doing the same for someone else, and so on.

Thank you for reading :)
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