X is for..

I will admit X is my biggest challenge in the A to Z. I knew this letter would give me trouble. My kids are at the age the alphabet is said, or sung, at least once a day. Sometime sung for an entire car ride. My son's favorite games are letter games, build a word, find something that begins with, and so on. Since most alphabet books and flash cards cheat on x I did not have much hope that I would be spared the same fate. So, instead of writing on a topic, I am going to give a list of interesting x words. Maybe I can use one of these next week when I begin the Z to A Challenge!

Xanadu- A word that came into our vocabulary in "Kubla Khan" by Samuel T. Coleridge, then cemented into popular culture and our minds by Olivia Newton John. Xanadu is a mythical, luxurious place.

Xeric is a term describing a location with desert like conditions, like my mind as I puzzled over what to right for X.

Xerophile is a plant that has adapted to live in an area with little water.

Xenophobia is the fear people have for people from different places. A fear of people that are somehow foreign and different for themselves.

Xylem is a part of plants, generally the tubes within the stems of woody plants which bring fluids up in the plant.

Xi is the fourteenth letter in the Greek alphabet, the Roman numeral for eleven and my sorority pledge class.

Xyst is not just a great word for your scrabble game, it is also a covered garden walkway or covered portico popular in Greek architecture.

Xenium is a gift given to a stranger or guest (thank you cross word puzzles!)
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