S is for Silliness

I have been miss cranky pants the last few days, so I have decided that a little silliness is in order today. So, I did my serious stuff before even getting dressed this morning. Cleaned the living room and kitchen bright and early this morning. I think that was just to offset my need for a fun day today, and the fact that last night my supervisor and I got a serious case of the sillies right before library closing time.

I declare the rest of today Silly Friday. I will not stress about anything. I will be silly with the kids. Play outside (if the weather warms up as bit) and just enjoy the sunshine today. I do want to get some work done (I need to finish two books and write the related reviews), but only as a side line to silliness. If it does not all get done today everything will still be here Saturday, and Sunday and Monday and so on. Not the best attitude to turn a profit, but everyone needs a day off for silliness. Since I'm home with both kids and a pile of work it really is not a day off of anything, but I can sneak in as much silliness as I can to remain sane. Tomorrow is a library work day, so I can afford some silly today. Yes it is Good Friday, not really a day meant for fun and giggles. But I am going to anticipate Easter and just enjoy my day.

How do you celebrate a sunny silly day?
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