R is for Reading

Read, read, read.I have been a big reader since I was little. Family stories have me reading independently at four or five, but I honestly do not remember whether this is simply family exaggeration or the truth. Maybe a combination of the two. However, I was always reading well above my grade level in school, so there could be some level of truth to the stories.

I am very glad that my two and four year old children already love books, and I spend a good portion of every day reading with them. My four year old loves to find and/or build words. His favorite television shows are not about trucks or trains; rather they are about words, letters and counting. I am glad that the love of reading, books and learning will be passed on to another generation. My mom instilled the passion in me, and I am glad that my kids are already showing signs of the same love of reading.

I will admit, and say quite loudly, that most of my reading is not what anyone could call educational. I do read some non-fiction about the people and things that I have some interest and passion about. However, a paranormal romance, urban fantasy, or anything else that is entertaining and distracting from my life is more than welcome. I avoid reading anything that is talked about and read by a large number of book clubs. I read Twilight before the hype, same for Harry Potter and the Stephanie Plum series. I do not want to read a book simply because Oprah has stamped it with her approval, but rather because I really want to discover what happens to the characters and the story on the pages interests me. I prefer to stay with authors that I trust, genres that entertain me, and the occasional book that simply intrigues me by title, cover or summary.

I have access to a wide variety of books, and have diverged greatly over the years. When I was in high school and college I was reading classic mysteries and current science fiction. There were quite a few historical romances tossed in the mix to. Then it was classics and high literature, partly because I was working on my literature degree. Then cooking and gardening related magazines and books as I struck out on my own. Then wedding related items, then baby related items and back to romance and paranormal. Now, I really try to shake things up and read a variety, but keep going back to my favorite authors to follow up on the series' that made me love them.

What do you read? What do you avoid?
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