Q is for Quiet

I had a few moments questing for a q word, and I decided to go with one that I do not get to appreciate very often, quiet. Any parent out there knows that the moment you want ten minutes to finish a book, do some dishes, hear a news story or simply have a quiet moment you will be desperately be needed for something. Be it food, beverage, refereeing or something completely unexpected, the only thing you can depend on is that it happens just as you are wrapped up in something.

Do not get me wrong, I love my kids. They are insanely smart, incredibly cute and a constant source of comedy (just ask anyone from our church or my son's school). But, there are moments of consternation as well as pure love and enjoyment.In fact, the moment of quiet which inspired this post can late today. I was sitting in the rocking chair with my two year old, who just wanted to snuggle in the chair to fall asleep. My son was already snoring away in his bed, and my husband is still off playing poker with some friends. All the tvs were off, my daughter was dozing off and the cats were doing battle downstairs, but far enough away that it was not too loud. And I started thinking about how hard it seemed to be to simply achieve a quiet, safe moment and how wonderful those snugly moments are.

This week I'm reading a nonfiction book about a variety of people taking very different quests in search for the Garden of Eden. I really want to read this book- but every time I get into it there is a juice or potty or wrestling emergency that must be dealt with. I finally started a crochet project for myself, a sweater with a neat panel in the center of the front and back, and the same holds true. as soon as I fall into that nice, steady rhythm I am needed or someone must sit on my lap. Perchance I do not enjoy the quiet enough when in my office at work, because I desperately seem to be searching for it at home, when I can not find it. If the house is quiet... then I know there is trouble. The longer the quiet, the bigger the trouble. Yet, I seem unable to quit the quest for quiet.
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