N is for NO

N is for no, a word I say a lot at home these days. No, you can not have another treat. No, you can not have cake, pie, cookies, etc for breakfast (not only because there is not any of that in the house, but that is beside the point). No, you can not hang from the ceiling and tear the house apart. Sigh.

However, some nos I have been saying lately, while mainly to myself, are positive. No, I may not have cake, pie, etc for breakfast because we do not have any and then I would also have to share with the kids, lol. No, I will not let other people's negativity ruin the opportunities that present themselves to me. No, I will not mope, pout or complain (too much) when things do not go my way. No, I will not let depression, PMS, anger or frustration over take my mood or my life. I will step up and take responsibility for my choices, my actions and the consequences. I will let go of the things I have no control of, and do what ever I can to improve my life, and the lives of those around me. No, I will never by Pollyanna- but no one needs to know that but me. I am a realist and occasionally a pessimist, but I often keep the negative wrapped up inside and show the brighter side to others. I figure I must do a good job at it, because most coworkers and such over the years have pegged me as a total people person, a sunshine and roses kind of girl. I am not. I could have lived my entire life as a hermit if permitted to do so. Except for work, family and close friends I might have. But no.
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