M is for Meander

M is for Meander. my mind tends to wander and meander quite a bit. However, I and not usually a person that shops, walks or travels in any way that could be called meandering. I have a goal or destination, I want to get there and get out. I do not meander around the mall *shudder*. I do not stroll or meander when I go out for a walk to enjoy the weather. I still move at a pace that is intent on going, getting somewhere, even if I have no specific location in mind. Now, this gets me in trouble. How? It is hard to walk at that pace with a four year old walking by your side, even harder with a two year old at your side, completely impossible if both are in motion at either side. When they were young enough to put in the double stroller with no complaints it was fine, but now one or both want to walk. So enjoyable strolls are at a minimum unless I have another adult body with me. However, stores with carts are still viable journeys with the kids in tow.

The only time I meander while shopping is when shopping for garden and craft supplies. I am awful when it comes to picking which plants, seeds, and other items I want to use. Then I could wander up and down the aisle or scour a nursery for hours to find just want I am looking for, or to find something different and unique. The same holds true in a craft or yarn store. I love just looking to find a new yarn; interesting textures, variegations, ideas for projects, new crafts too try. Oh, I'm getting the urge to craft right now.. must stop myself and finish tonight's reading and writing. Craft tomorrow.

Did I mention that I mentally meander regularly? As if you had not noticed! That's why you love me.
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