O is for Overboard

O is for overboard, over indulging, and getting in over my head. I go overboard in all my favorite things; my coffee, chocolate, new craft projects, garden buying and ideas, books to read, projects to write and things to learn. I get all these great ideas in my head, all of these great plans, and somehow end up expecting to do more than I actually can. I can blame part of this on life and family, things rarely go as planned when there are young children in the house, and i often forget to figure in the time that will be added to any project by their desire to 'help' me or that I will need to relocate to playing referee, short order cook, and furniture.

Over indulging in books is something I have trouble feeling bad about. I enjoy every moment I dedicate to making the vain attempt to keep up the the to read pile that seems to grow exponentially. For every book I bring home or galley I gain access to and finish, two or three more seem to take their place. It is one way I go overboard that I can fully enjoy, with no guilt other than over the amount of time it might take me to get to something. Same goes for crafting, I never feel bad about having so many projects waiting their turn, only that each has to wait so long to be completed. I am glad to say that I have finished crocheting my daughter's blanket and my son's sweater, a hanging basket support and got started on a sweater for myself last night. Then I have more to do, but one project at a time.

I should feel guilty about going overboard with some of my weaknesses, like the chocolate and coffee. But, I cannot bring myself to feel bad about the stash of chocolate in my desk drawer or how stealthy I have become in sneaking a Hershey kiss or other sweet treat without the kids noticing. My waistline might refuse to shrink because of this over indulgence, but I still figure than if these weaknesses are my worst, than I am doing pretty good. Chocolate and caffeine are my drugs of choice. Coffee replaces the alcohol of the college days. Crafting takes the place of most snacking, it is hard to snack while working with yarn. Books and the internet more than take the place of clubs and parties. If my only addictions are chocolate, caffeine, and things that can only benefit myself and the world around me than I am doing okay.

Where do you go overboard?
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