Book Review: Rescued by a Highlander (Grant Clan) by Keira Montclair

Rescued by a Highlander is the first book in the Grant Clan series of historical romances by Keira Montclair. While it was originally published in 2013, it has been newly revised and updated with a new editor.

Madeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother's cruelty ever since her parents' death in a fire two years ago. Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates, her only way out is to escape to a convent. Laird Alexander Grant is honor bound to rescue Maddie after seeing the bruises on her face. What he doesn't realize is that once he holds the beaten lass in his arms, his heart will never be the same. He vows revenge for the abuse she was forced to endure and yearns to make the sweet woman with an iron will his, but can he help her fight the demons in her mind left behind by her abusers' horrid treatment?

Rescued by a Highlander is a book that I thought I would love, but it never really worked for me. Let's start with the good. I love books that have a abuse survive finding peace, love, and a happy ever after. I really do. I adore books were the other half of that couple is working towards understanding and helping, and while they make mistakes (like yelling at them when worried about their safety) they work on it. I was thrilled with Alex's patience with Maddie, and willingness to take things super slow and to always check in with consent rather than forging ahead and assuming at any point. What I did not like was Maddie. While her ability to survive abuse stoically and deal with everything dealt to her was likely intended to show her as strong, I was left wondering why this woman that is strong, caring, and very pain tolerant would stay rather than trying to make an escape? She came off as a doormat rather than a survivor. Otherwise she was painted as perfect, sweet and so patient and kind that she did not even want her tormentors hurt. The characters felt a little flat, there was no real motivation for the bad guys, other than just being evil. In fact I read another historical with an abuse survive shortly after this, and I had trouble remembering much about this book other than what bothered me about Maddie. I had several other little things that irked me- but my biggest issue is that I was fully expecting to love this story and the characters. The disappointment of the heroine being a too perfect but passive, and a dig at homosexuality really left me less than happy with my read. 

Rescued by a Highlander is not for everyone. The characters are lacking depth but the idea of the story and the patience and thoughts of Alex in helping Maddie deal with her past might make it worth the read for some.

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