Book Review: Going Wild: Helping Nature Thrive in Cities by Michelle Mulder

Going Wild: Helping Nature Thrive in Cities by Michelle Mulder is a nonfiction book for readers from middle grade to adults.  Over most of recorded history people have worked hard to make our local landscapes as safe and convenient as possible. Sometimes that's meant paving over areas that might burst into weeds. Other times, we've dammed rivers for electricity or irrigation. But now pollution, climate change and disruptions to the water cycle are affecting the world in ways we never anticipated. What if the new key to making our lives safer (and even healthier) is to allow the wilderness back into our cities?

Going Wild: Helping Nature Thrive in Cities is an interesting and inspiring read. I like it gives details about what people and cities around the world are doing to help nature thrive in the cities around them. It also points out that much smaller things that can be done by anyone and everyone to help nature. It is important to show kids, and adults alike, that they do not need to make drastic changes all at once to make a positive change. Little things like hanging a bat house or planting flowers or other plants in containers or gardens are all things that can help the would around us with very little effort. Small changes can build up and lead us to do bigger and better things that can help even more people and aspects of nature along the way. I really liked how many additional resources and similar information was included at the end of the book. The glossary and pathways to further research and action were a great touch. I think it might inspire children, and their families, to make efforts of varying degrees to help the world around them.

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