Book Review: New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make by Carolyn Federman

New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make by Carolyn Federman utilizes easy techniques and recipes to teach basic cooking skills to budding chefs through simple dishes for children as well as adults. Recipes such as Savory Scones with Fresh Herb Butter, Black Bean Taco Bar, Two-Minute Guacamole, Meatballs and Tomato Sauce, and Yogurt and Berry Compote Parfait showcase healthy, seasonal ingredients and engage every sense with bright colors, fresh flavors, and exciting textures. Packed with information about kitchen science (like making pickles), garden ideas (like planting seeds from kitchen scraps and starting a compost bin), and heavily illustrated (every recipe is photographed), this cookbook makes being in the kitchen fun for everyone.
New Favorites for New Cooks: 50 Delicious Recipes For Kids to Make is a nice, well organized cookbook for fairly simple recipes. I like that kitchen safety, techniques, and science are regularly focused on- letting even the youngest chefs work safely and know when they will, or won't, need help. Reminders of how to read a recipe, check the pantry and refrigerator before staring, and the explanation of key vocabulary words further aids chefs of all ages have success in the kitchen.  Some of the recipes are basics, and things everyone should know how to do before they leave home and need to fend for themselves. Some are very nutritious and fun to learn. Other recipes are very trendy and current- things my picky eaters would not be willing to cook or eat. The pictures and instructions are great, easy to understand and follow. Terms that might be new to readers are in bold, and the book encourages readers to look up cooking terms, ingredients, and other words that might not immediately recognize up to help them understand and follow the recipe. I also like that the author assures readers that sometimes recipes just do not work out perfectly, especially the first time we try them. The encouragement to try and have less that perfect results, and to be okay with that, is important and a great aspect of the collection.

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