Early Book Review: Red Sky at Night by Elly MacKay

Red Sky at Night is a picturebook written and illustrated by Elly MacKay. It is currently scheduled for release on May 1 2018. Red sky at night, sailor's delight. And, the next morning, when the dew is on the grass, no rain will come to pass. These are the perfect conditions for a grandfather to take his grandchildren out on a fishing trip. Especially since, as the saying goes, when the wind is from the West, then the fishes bite the best. The family takes a boat out on the lake, fishing and swimming and eventually camping out on a nearby island, taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather. But the next day, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning! The family ventures back home just in time to avoid a rainstorm. But not to worry -- the more rain, the more rest. Fair weather's not always best.
Red Sky at Night is more than a collection of weather related folklore, and more than a story about a family on a fishing trip. I like the way this book combines the two, and includes weather saying s that I have known all my life, and taught me some I had never heard before. I like the way the The illustrations were lovely, and captured the family's emotions, that the weather at hand, and the hints of weather to come. I thought the animals in the background spoke to the wildness of nature, and how changeable and untameable it is. I also liked the information on the sayings, their background, the truthfulness of reliability of the sayings, and how they have changed. I love a picturebook that tells a story and teaches something interesting and fun, without losing the charm of a story- and this book does it admirably. 

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