Book Review: Erik the Lone Wolf by Sarah Finan

Erik the Lone Wolf is a picturebook written and illustrated by Sarah Finan. Being a wolf means sticking with the pack. Everyone knows that – except for Erik, one little wolf cub who dreams of setting off on his own adventure all by himself!  But will life as a lone wolf be everything he hoped, or will he miss the rough and tumble of the pack?
Erik the Lone Wolf is a picturebook that shows the importance of family and a support system. Erik is tired of following everyone else's rules and just wants to do his own thing. We have all been there, no matter our age. However, he discovers that it is not always the best idea and that he does need the help and support of his pack. The story was cute, as were the illustrations. However, I wanted more. I think that Erik and his pack could have gotten to the ending with a little more learned, like Erik getting a little more independence from his family while still enjoying their closeness. The idea that going it alone is danger and disaster makes for people unwilling to take risks, if the lesson were more about being smart about those risks, and actually learning something from it and finding balance I would appreciate the book more. 

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