Early Book Review: Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present & Future by Mairghread Scott, Jacob Chabot

Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present & Future is a nonfiction graphic novel written by Mairghread Scott and illustrated by Jacob Chabot. This new volume in the Science Comics series is currently scheduled for release on March 27 2018.
From tea-serving robots in feudal Japan to modern rovers exploring Mars, robots have been humanity's partners, helpers, and protectors for centuries! Join one of the world's earliest robots, a mechanical bird named Pouli, as he explores where robots came from, how they work, and where they’re going in this informative and hilarious new book! Ever dreamt of building your own best friend? It might be easier than you think!

Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present & Future is another great addition to the Science Comics series. The art style and the combination of story and information works well to capture and keep the attention of readers from all age groups. I am admittedly a fan of the formula, but how can you argue with something that works to teach and entertain so well. I like that the information is given in short bursts, giving readers time to digest and understand before piling more on, and I really enjoyed getting more information on early robots. Automatons are such a staple in some of the steampunk that I have read that it was interesting to see them in historical context rather than as something fantastical. The explanations of the technology of robots and drones, and the differences between some devices that people often refer to interchangeably but are not, is very accessible and I learned quite a bit. 

Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present & Future is a book that will engage the mechanically inclined, and the not so adept. The information and story are fun and well paced, as I have come to expect. If this is the first of this series you have seen, I highly recommend checking out the entire series, or at least the volumes that touch on topics that might interest you and the children in your life. 

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