Book Review: Acting Lessons (Off Guard) by Katie Allen

Acting Lessons is the first book in the Off Guard series by Katie Allen. It's an offer she can't refuse. Two weeks of work for enough cash to quit her day job and focus on auditions is a dream come true for struggling actress Topher. All she has to do is play girlfriend to a wealthy friend, helping him secure his trust fund. Then she meets her friend's sinfully handsome, firmly off-limits uncle, and all bets are off. Not only is Uncle James surprisingly younger than imagined, he's charismatic and hot as hell. And there's something about the wounded veteran's hungry stare that has her thinking the feeling is mutual. Topher's determined to ignore Uncle Sexy, but the forbidden temptation is too much to handle, especially after James flashes his dominant side. But surrendering to temptation is easier said than done when the plot thickens. Even if Topher can manage to fool everyone involved, she's not sure she can fool her own heart—or the man she's definitely not supposed to be falling for.

Acting Lessons is a romance with touches of the ridiculous, and more than enough steam. Topher's act of a ditzy bad girlfriend is hysterical, and the fact that she is more endearing and entertaining than annoying despite her efforts. I loved the comments she made, and I will admit to giggling out loud several times during the read, prompting my children to ask me what was so funny- although I dare not share.  I got a kick out of Topher's character through the whole thing. The sparks between James and Topher were extreme, and although I do not always go for my main couple jumping into bed, it kind of worked here. The whole daddy/baby girl thing never did it for me, but James' strength and desire to take care of her worked. I also like that they actually discussed what they wanted to do or try, and set up a safe word so that if the play went too far Topher could stop it. Then there was the additional character building for the secondary characters, the danger and crazy family drama, and general likability once Topher let more of herself shine through the act is what really made the story. I could have passed on some of the age play stuff, but there are some readers that will love it. I still love the book, and will be checking out more from this side of the author.

Acting Lessons is an erotic romance with some kinks that never really did it for me, but fun dialogue that had me giggling and adults that had real conversations about what they were doing made the read wonderful. I loved it, and was delighted to discover that I was already a fan of the author, since Katie Allen is a pseudonym for Katie Ruggle. I cannot wait to get my hands on Baking Lessons, the second book in the series, which is scheduled for released in March of 2018. 

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