Early Book Review: My Best Friend is a Goldfish by Mark Lee, Chris Jevons

My Best Friend is a Goldfish by Mark Lee, with contributions from Chris Jevons, is currently scheduled for release on April 1 2018.  After arguing with his best friend about which game to play, a boy decides its time to find a new best friend. So he tries to becoming friends with his dog, his cat, and his goldfish. He learns to eat on the floor with his dog, take naps with his cat, and watch the world from underwater with his goldfish. But none of these animals measure up to his true best friend, and he has to learn the very important lesson that being different from each other doesn't mean you can't still be the best of friends.
My Best Friend is a Goldfish is a fun story that show how two friends might not always agree, but they can still be best friends and enjoy each other's company. I like that the story is told equally through the illustrations and the text. It is in the illustrations that we see the boy and his friend playing, but not quite as happily as they had hoped. His journey of exploring the things he shares with his pets and how some things they both like, and others not so much. I enjoyed that it is a journey many kids could make, or have made, and not one that someone explained to him. I think this makes the lesson more accessible and acceptable to the young readers. I think the story is one that every one can relate to, and enjoy. It was a wonderful and fun read.

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