Book Review: Enchanted by the Highlander (A Highland Fairytale) by Lecia Cornwall

Enchanted by the Highlander is the forth book in the Highland Fairytale series  by Lecia Cornwall. It is the first book from the series that I have read, but I think that each book likely stands well on its own, but there must be some character continuation- because there clearly was back story for our main characters and the involved parties.
Gillian MacLeod is shy and quiet, the least likely of all her sisters to seek out excitement and adventure. But on a moonlit night at a masquerade ball, Gillian steals a kiss from a mysterious stranger, knowing she’ll never see him again. John Erly, disowned by his noble English father, started a new life in Scotland. Most people are suspicious of the foreign mercenary and he does everything is his power to avoid romantic entanglements. But he can’t forget the bewitching beauty who kissed him in the dark, and stole his heart, even though he has no idea who she might be. A year later, John is given the duty of escorting Gillian to her wedding and immediately recognizes her as the temptress he’s dreamed of for months. There’s not much he can do when she's promised to another man, but fate intervenes and this time, passion—and adventure—can’t be denied. Honor demands he stay away from the MacLeod’s enchanting daughter, but love has a very different ending in mind.

Enchanted by the Highlander is a historical romance with solid characters and some well done conflict. I connected with Gillian, with the way others assume she has nothing to say just because she rarely speaks up. As someone who normally holds her tongue unless I have something important to say, I found myself feeling much like her on many occasions in my life. I like that she is strong and more than capable, but is also caring and follows her heart. It is a nice balance. John is a strong character as well, but I felt a little less of a connection with him. His back story is well done, as is his honor and desire to do the right thing even if it is hard or not what he really wants at the moment. The touches of fairy tale troupes was cool, and I wonder if all of the stories I saw in the novel were intended or just the way the story evolved. I found the action and adventure of the story to be well done, the danger felt real and played out with a couple unexpected twists. However, I found myself frustrated with the last few, not because they were badly done, but because I was ready for the happy ever after and it felt like it was never coming.

Enchanted by the Highlander is a good historical romance with plenty of action, adventure, and angst. I liked the fairy tale touches, but found that it just went on a little too long.  Each twist was good, and well done, but I think some could have been saved for another adventure.

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