Book Review: Dream of the Butterfly: Rabbits on the Moon by Richard Marazano

Dream of the Butterfly: Rabbits on the Moon by Richard Marazano is a graphic novel for middle grade and older readers. Blown from her home by a great blizzard, Tutu finds herself in a strange village of talking animals, where winter is eternal and the rabbits of the secret police find her guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable-being a little girl! The Emperor of this strange town holds the key to her redemption, but it will come at a price. This is a  story based on a Chinese parable by Chuang Tzu (“The Dream of the Butterfly”) with a bit of an Alice through the Looking Glass feel.

Dream of the Butterfly: Rabbits on the Moon is a story that caught my attention. I love the art style, it was a perfect presentation of the story and reminded me of some of my favorite manga and anime.  I found myself engaged with the well being of Tutu as she struggles in the new world she has found herself in. I love that she voices many of the things I, as the reader, said to myself- even if it seems to get her into more trouble than it is worth. I will admit that there were a few occasions that I was a little lost or confused, like I missed a page- but after checking I had not. However, since Tutu is lost and confused- stuck in what might be a dream land or something equally full of fantasy and weirdness- that might have been by design. I liked the layers of personality in the different characters, and that no one was fully who they seemed. The spies are not all bad, the rebels are not necessarily all good. There are still so many questions, and few answers. I also like knowing that the story has some basis in folklore, even if it is not a story I know- yet. My biggest complaint is that it is not a complete story- it is the first part of what seems to be a series. It left me with only questions- and no feeling of resolution or contentment. That drives me absolutely crazy, I want some resolution when I finish a book and I was denied that here. I would have given the graphic novel more stars if only I had some resolution rather than more questions at the end of the book. 

Dream of the Butterfly: Rabbits on the Moon is an interesting start to a story, and one that I might just follow up to see how it all plays out. 

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