Early Book Review: The Little Library by Kim Fielding

The Little Library by Kim Fielding is a contemporary romance that is currently scheduled for release on March 26 2018. Elliott Thompson was once a historian with a promising academic future, but his involvement in a scandal meant a lost job, public shame, and a ruined love life. He took shelter in his rural California hometown, where he teaches online classes, hoards books, and despairs of his future. Simon Odisho has lost a job as well—to a bullet that sidelined his career in law enforcement. While his shattered knee recovers, he rethinks his job prospects and searches for the courage to come out to his close-knit but conservative extended family. In an attempt to manage his overflowing book collection, Elliott builds a miniature neighborhood library in his front yard. The project puts him in touch with his neighbors—for better and worse—and introduces him to handsome, charming Simon. While romance blooms quickly between them, Elliott’s not willing to live in the closet, and his best career prospects might take him far away. His books have plenty to tell him about history, but they give him no clues about a future with Simon.

The Little Library is a romance that feels very real. Elliott made a big mistake in his previous relationship, and he is still dealing with the fall out, because it makes finding the job he prepared for increasingly hard to find. He brother is pushing him to get out there, and live a little outside his head and interact with more people. Simon was injured on the job, and is starting fresh, and at least admitting to himself that he is gay, but not quite ready to share that information with his very traditional family. When the two come together, it is wonderful to see- mainly because they are living rather than just going through the motions. Both have big challenges and worries, and seeing them talk and face them was both heart warming and occasionally frustrating. I like the fact that neither character was perfect- and it was clear when they were nervous or over thinking the moment. I also like that the issue and discussions they shared are ones that are real issues that people actually face. While some bits came a little too easy, most of the victories were hard fought and kept me turning pages well past my bed time.
The Little Library is a wonderful, realistic romance. The characters face real issues and talk to each other and admit their own failings.  It was wonderful, and I think many readers would love to have this couple as neighbors- I know I would. 

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