Book Review: Woolly and Me by Quentin Greban

Woolly and Me is a picturebook by Quentin Greban which is currently scheduled for release on January 2 2018. And when her mammoth gets a little frightened; on a roller coaster ride or in her dark bedroom at night, our brave narrator comforts her pet and bucks up his courage. On the last page of this warm and reassuring picture book, we see at last that Woolly is a stuffed animal leaving readers to wonder, who has been comforting whom?

Woolly and Me is a fun picturebook that shows a young girl and her Woolly on a series of adventures, both everyday challenges and special events. I like the imagination and acceptance that is a common thread through the entire book. I will admit that I was not sure if Woolly would end up as an imaginary friend or stuffed animal by the end of the book, and honestly either would have been good with me. I just loved the way the idea of comfort and bravery was covered. The illustrations were a perfect pairing to the story, and I found them to be sweet and comforting in their own way. 

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