Book Review: Where I End by Michelle Dare

Where I End by Michelle Dare is a new adult, contemporary romance. Eve has always felt a connection to Cy, even though he seems pretentious, arrogant, condescending and cruel. All that changed one spring morning when she discovered that she know the man behind the facade at all. He is angry, desperate, and broken. Cy was second from ending it all when she intervened, and then tried to push her away. Can they save each other?
Where I End is a story of abuse, redemption, and bravery. Cy might have always acted like the confident soul people expect him to be- but it is all an act to hide a dark secret. When Eve uncovers the truth, she supports and defends him when no one else has. Each of them has things to overcome, and together with Cy's friend Parker we get glimpse into each of their minds. While not a easy read, particularly for those that are being abused or have been in the past, I think it it honest and extremely realistic. The suffering and journey towards healing pictured here is heart breaking but also hopeful in its own way. I loved Eve's character and how she refuses to back down, even when it might have been the safer choice. I really enjoyed Parker's character, and wonder what might be in store for him. 

My only issue with the book, is one that seems to be prevalent in many romance books lately. That is the possessive and almost obsessive nature of the actual romance. While here is is based on a connection, love, and support- too often in real life the declaration of MINE is not healthy. While it is nice to have someone that does not even notice others, and have that reciprocated,the jealousy and possessiveness is not necessarily healthy.  As someone that managed to escape an unhealthy and controlling relationship in my early years, the romanticizing of that attitude never sits well with me. However, that is my personal hang up- but I hope that younger readers are not holding up that aspect of a relationship as ideal because that can be a warning sign of abuses to come.

Where I End is a book that I enjoyed on many levels, but was bothered by on one. The possessiveness fit for these characters, but in real life it is often not a good thing.  My worry that others might fall prey to, or search out, relationship where their partner is controlling or possessive because it seems so romantic really bothers me. I know it is nothing new, dysfunctional relationships have been part of literature forever, but it has always bothered me and always will. However, I keep reading these book- mainly because Dare does such a great job with the characters and other huge issues that I just cannot stop myself. 

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