Early Book Review: Little Sid: the Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha by Ian Lendler, Xanthe Bouma

Little Sid: the Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha written by Ian Lendlerand illustrated by Kanthe Bouma is a picturebook which is currently scheduled for release on January 23 2018.  As a spoiled young prince, Siddhartha got everything he ever asked for, until he asked for what could not be given, happiness. Join Little Sid as he sets off on a journey of discovery and encounters mysterious wise-folk, terrifying tigers, and one very annoying mouse.

Little Sid: the Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha is the origin story of Buddhism, and one I did not know. I am glad to get a better understanding of the practice, and think the idea of being present is so important in a time when so many equate stuff and being busy with being happy or successful. I think that many young readers will be able to relate to Sid, in his desire of time rather than things, from his parents. So often adults are too worried about work, cleaning the house, activities, and everything else to just be with the children in their lives. I found the artwork to be beautiful, alternating between muted tones and more vibrant ones, making the mindfulness of the story more evident to the reader. I think this book is a wonderful way to introduce the ideas of mindfulness, minimalism, and the practice of Buddhism to readers of all ages and religious backgrounds. 

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