Book Review: You Know What? by Carol Gordon Ekster, Nynke Mare Talsman

You Know What? is a picturebook written by Carol Gordon Ekster and illustrated by Nynke Mare Talsma. Oliver should go to sleep. But there is so much he wants to tell his mother about: what happened that day, the things he read in books, everything he sees around him. A touching and familiar picture book about postponing the ritual of going to sleep.
You Know What? is a picturebook that most parents or caregivers can relate to, and not just for the bedtime delay tactics. I cannot tell you how many times a day I have heard something along the lines of this book from my kids, from the time they could talk and still daily even though they are old enough to get themselves to bed with little direction from me. I think most kids can relate as well, and this would make a great bedtime or discussion starter book for dealing with the chatty delay tactics that kids use to get out of so many things. I really liked the illustrations, they are simple but still add an atmosphere and details that readers of all ages can enjoy.

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