Book Review: Thunder Moon (Langston Bay Trilogy) by Joanne Mallory

Thunder Moon is the first book in the Langston Bay Trilogy by Joanne Mallory. Thea Lavelle is a hereditary witch whose gift came late. But when she meets Marc, her best friend’s brother, she realizes their souls have crossed paths before. Devastated by the loss of a patient, grief and guilt have left Marc burnt out, and he knows the best thing for him is to head home and recover. But as they are inexplicably drawn together, it soon becomes clear that fate is at work. Are they strong enough to confront their unknown past, and still build a future together?
Thunder Moon is a witchy contemporary romance. I liked the setting and the friendship between Thea and Ellie. I like all of the characters, and found Thea, Ellie, and Marc to be well developed and complicated. However, I think the majority of the relationship development was more assumed or an after thought than actually part of the story. Even the big resolution at the end seemed a little flat. I felt invested in everyone's wellbeing, but not in the developing romance. I am hoping this is at least partly because of the amount of history and character set up that needed to be laid for the trilogy. To be honest, I am more interested in Ellie and Thea's brother, and the larger story line after reading this book than the happy ever after promised to Thea and Marc.

Thunder Moon is a fast read, and entertaining. However, I felt like it was light on relationship development and the world and story building seemed a little flat. I enjoyed it, but it did not wow me of leave me eager for the next installment. I might pick up the next book to see if it improves but I will not be searching it out. 

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