Book Review: The Santa Thief by Alane Adams, Lauren Gallegos

The Santa Thief is a picturebook written by Alane Adams and illustrated by Lauren Gallegos.  It's winter in Girard, Pennsylvania and the pond is completely frozen over--ready for a young boy to go skating!--but Georgie's ice skates are too small. All Georgie wants for Christmas is a new pair of skates. But times are tough in 1920s Pennsylvania, and he gets the disappointing news Santa might not come this year. Follow Georgie as he decides to take matters into his own hands and steals Santa's identity--and discovers what Christmas is all about. 
The Santa Thief is a Christmas tale with illustrations reminiscent of The Christmas Carol and other classics. I like that Georgie made his own Christmas joy by doing something positive for his family when he had earlier only been disappointed. It was nice that in the end his parents were able to get him the skates, while still showing that it was by working hard and saving rather than Santa that he got what he really wanted. I am not sure that parents trying to keep Santa's magic alive will want to share this read, and I have no idea why Thief was in the title. However, those trying to instill a little respect for hard work, charity, and the importance of thoughtfulness in gift giving might want to give this book a read.

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