Book Review: Animals at Night by Anne Jankeliowitch, Delphine Chedru, Eve Bodeux

Animals at Night is a children's book written by Anne Jankeliowitch, illustrated by Delphine Chedru, and translated by Eve Bodeux. What do animals do at night?  For humans, the setting sun marks the end of the day and signals to us that it's time to go to sleep. But while people are quietly dreaming in their beds, there's a whole world of animals that's just waking up! Who are they, what do they do until morning, and how do they move, see, and hunt in the dark? The book features glow-in-the-dark content on all 32 pages.
Animals at Night is a nice non fiction book with details about what different animals do at night. While the glow in the dark gimmick is a fun draw, and will capture the attention of young readers, since I had a digital copy I was unable to enjoy the glow in the dark feature. However, I can picture late night reading by flashlight to take full advantage of the feature and enjoying it greatly. The information offered is well worded and organized. The animals were sorted by ecosystem, and offered a wide variety of creatures. I learned a few new things, and enjoyed the journey. I think it will capture the interest and curiosity of young readers. I liked the overall package, and think it will appeal to many both for the information and the glow in the dark feature. 

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