Book Review: Crazy, Wonderful Science by Mary Lee

Crazy, Wonderful Science by Mary Lee is a part of a children's series intent on empowering young girl's science and imagination skills. Mia is a small girl with a big imagination. She has a science fair coming up and simply can't decide what project to do. Should she make a rainbow, a wacky gadget, a volcano or the universe? So many options, which will will choose?
Crazy, Wonderful Science is a sweet and charmingly illustrated book. Mia's imagination is running wild with all of the possibilities available to her- and this is perfectly captured in the illustrations. I think boys and girls alike can see the excitement she has about science, and I feel like that enthusiasm will be contagious. I expect some young readers will be inspired to attempt the experiments on their own,  which thanks to the instructions at the end of the book they can do. I also liked the little quiz at the end of the book so that young scientists can test their knowledge. I just might need to explore the rest of this series with my own little scientists. 

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