Book Review: The Dead Seekers by Barb & J.C. Hendee

The Dead Seekers is the first book in a new series by the same name by Barb & J.C. Hendee. It is set in the same word as their Noble Dead saga, which I have not read. However, I think that readers with no prior knowledge of the world will be able to fully appreciate the story, as I did. Although I will admit that I am now intrigued to see what was written before. 

In the dark reaches of the eastern continent, Tris Vishal travels from village to village, using his power to put unsettled spirits to rest. He works alone, having learned that letting people close only leads to more death. Still, he finds himself accepting the help of the Móndyalítko woman who saves his life—a woman whose gifts are as much a burden as his own. Mari Kaleja thirsted for vengeance since the night her family was taken from her. She has searched far and wide for the one she thinks responsible, known only as “The Dead’s Man.” But before she can kill him, she has to be sure. Mari hopes traveling with Tris will confirm her suspicions. But as they embark on a hunt where the living are just as dangerous as the dead, she learns the risks of keeping your enemy close. Because it’s no longer clear who is predator and who is prey.

The Dead Seekers is a book that is unique and captured my attention very quickly. I enjoyed learning about the world this takes place in, and how Tris and Mari fit into it. I liked the level of internal conflict for both Mari and Tris, as it made their pasts and current situation much more engaging. I could understand Mari's desire for vengeance, and her vulnerability. I think the duality of her nature- with the strength and vulnerability she tried so hard to hide- made her character so interesting that I could not help but become engrossed in her story. I also wanted to know more of how Tris came to be who and where he was- while most of it was explained, I think there must be so much more to his story that I do not know yet. It just makes me want to read more from the author to see if those moments are in another book. The danger and relationship development were very well paced, with enough surprises and intrigue to keep me reading happily. 

The Dead Seekers is an intriguing read that left me satisfied, but still wanting more. To me, this is a sign of a well crafted book. 
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