Book Review: Lady Mechanika (Volume 1) by Joe Benitez

Lady Mechanika (Volume 1) by Joe Benitez is a graphic novel that collects the entire first Lady Mechanika mini-series The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse (originally published as Lady Mechanika #1-5), including its prequel chapter The Demon of Satan’s Alley (originally published as Lady Mechanika #0), plus a complete cover art gallery.

In a Victorian world filled with flying dirigibles, clockwork automatons, and elegantly fashionable attire, a young woman with mechanical limbs and no memory of how she got them searches desperately for the secrets to her past. The tabloids dubbed her "Lady Mechanika," the sole survivor of a mad scientist's horrific experiments which left her with mechanical limbs. Having no memory of her captivity or her former life, Lady Mechanika eventually built a new life for herself as an adventurer and private investigator, using her unique abilities to solve cases the proper authorities couldn't or wouldn't handle. This book chronicles a young woman's obsessive search for her identity as she investigates other mysteries involving science and the supernatural. 

Lady Mechanika is an exciting story, with stunning artwork. I think I enjoyed the artwork, despite the constant need to make female characters well endowed without the physical limitations this creates in realist, more than the actual story. I did like the characters and the steampunk setting. All were well developed and maintained- with the text matching the art style and time period, which was nice. I liked that the text was fairly easy to read, even on the digital galley I had. However, I did find pits of the story to be a little expected, but that could because of the sheer volume of fantasy and steampunk style books and graphic novels I have read. For instance, the amnesia trope has been done, and perhaps over done in my opinion. This does not mean that the book is bad, far from it. The art is stunning and the story well written. I was just hoping for more, particularly with Mechanika's character. She was good, but I really was hoping for her to be even better.

Lady Mechanika is a story that is entertaining both visually and through the storyline. While not perfectly unique, or my favorite graphic novel of the year, it is still an enjoyable read that is worth a look.
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