Early Book Review: Princess Lila Builds a Tower By Anne Paradis

Princess Lila Builds a Tower is a picture book by Anne Paradis that is currently scheduled for release on May 16 2017. Princess Lila lives in a beautiful castle and has everything she could ever desire—well, almost. She yearns to venture beyond the forest, explore her country and meet people her own age. But the forest is off limits. Resourceful and ingenious, Princess Lila sets to work building a tower to catch a glimpse of the forbidden land. Thus begins a thrilling adventure: she becomes the manager of a vast construction project involving an impressive number of materials, obstacles and solutions. At last, with the help of the castle’s staff, she constructs a tower that extends above the trees. After the plucky princess takes matter into her own hands, will she find what she was looking for?

Princess Lila Builds a Tower is a great story for any child that is tired of the limits imposed on them. Lila is a princess that is bored and lonely, and tired of being stuck on the castle grounds all the time. When she has the idea of a tower, so see can see beyond the walls, she does not just order it done. She takes part in the engineering, the ideas, and the hard labor of making it happen. I really like that she was so fully involved, and that readers got to see just how involved the building process can be. When she, and her crew, finish building she gets her chance to see far in the distance, and finds a young boy on a matching tower looking back at her. I think this was a nice touch, showing that anyone can work hard to achieve their goals.
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