Book Review: Darcy and the Aroona Frogs by Catherine Carvell, Michael S. Parkinson

Darcy and the Aroona Frogs is a children's book written by Catherine Carvell and illustrated by Michael S. Parkinson. Darcy Moon is an ordinary girl with ordinary problems–she’s low on cash and doesn’t fit in with the cool crowd. That is, until she finds out she is an Earth Guardian who has to save the local swamp from disaster. The local swamp frogs are disappearing, and the food chain is broken. When a freaked-out frog asks for help, Darcy’s life is about to take a great leap forward. It’s up to her to fix the food chain, save the swamp, and prove that money can’t buy everything.

Darcy Moon and the Aroona Frogs is story that offers some goofy humor, family issues, and environmental themes. Like most kids, Darcy thinks her parents are weird, and does not particularly want to be seen with them. The thing is, they are actually different, and while being freaked out by our parents is completely normal, I could understand Darcy's worry. I liked the evolution of DArcy's character and how she relates to her family and friends as well as how she sees herself. The environmental warrior bit was well done, as was her scheming to help the local wildlife. There was a lot that went right, though I did feel it veered a little closer to the 'preachy' line and the villainous or useless adult bits than I typically enjoy. However, I can think of some groups that would absolutely love the story, and think there are a few classroom lessons or reading groups that might find this the perfect book for their needs.

Darcy Moon and the Aroona Frogs is a quirky adventure story with fun illustration and environmental themes that will capture the attention and imagination of some young readers. It felt like it was trying a little too hard to inspire at times, but think it might strike the right chord with some readers.
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