Book Review: Fairly Human by Holly Jacobs

Fairly Human by Holly Jacobs is the fourth book in the Fairy Godmothers series. I thought I had read the previous book when I requested the book, but looking back I apparently did not. I still enjoyed the book, but had less understanding of the backstory and character dynamics that played a large role in this book. It could be read alone, but I do think that readers that have read the other books will enjoy this installment more than a new reader.

Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom have finally stepped over the line. The Fairy Council has sentenced them to live as humans for the next six months and the Council strips away their facades. Rather than the older-lady personas they've grown used to, they revert back to their true forms--super hot women guaranteed to make any man stand up and take notice. The fairies find themselves on independent paths that collide with three different men who teach Myrtle, Fern and Blossom about a magic that has nothing to do with fairies and everything to do with love. Now Myrtle, Fern and Blossom must decide whether to return to Fairyland or throw aside their previous lives and build new ones with the men they love.

Fairly Human was a little disappointing to start with, mainly because I somehow missed the earlier books in the series, even though I thought I had read them. This means that it took me awhile to get into the story and figure out just who was who, and the particulars of each personality. Once I got passed that hurdle I really enjoyed the discovery of true love for each fairy godmother. The fighting, coming into their own, and unfolding love stories were fun and entertaining to read. I was distracted by the good of those storylines every time the narration switch from one of our ladies to deal with Bernie and his plans. It just took me out of the three well told and occasionally highly entertaining tales to something that felt unnecessary. My other issue was the wrap up. All of a sudden everyone just shrugs and figures it all out, a little too easy and convenient with a few lingering questions about just how the trio are going to deal with the future.

Fairly Human is a book that fans of the series will definitely want to read, because i hope it ties up some loose ends and bring the rest of the story together. It was entertaining, and very fun at times, but not something that is going to stick with me or inspire me to read the previous books.

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