Book Review: Wraithborn Volume 1 by Marcia Chen, Joe Benitez

Wraithborn Volume 1 collects the six issues of the Redux edition of the Wraithborn story. It was written by Marcia Chen and Joe Benitez.Valin, the apprentice warrior, was next in line to receive "the Wraithborn", but Melanie got in the way of the transfer and ended up gifted with that mystical power.  Together only they can stop an ancient evil from rising and enslaving all humankind.

Wraithborn Volume 1 is a well drawn and visually entertaining graphic novel. I enjoyed the artwork and the story, but think the use of the shy, hapless teenage girl suddenly receiving mystical powers and needing a guy around to explain and save her is more than a little over done. I did like that there were a number of strong female characters tossed in the mix, and that hints of Melanie becoming a strong fighter at some point were there. However, the shy dutiful girl unable or willing to stand up for herself or others is not my idea of a hero, no matter what kind of strength her magical powers will give her. As a fairly withdrawn person myself, I think the writers need to meet a few people more like the character they are writing. Most of the people I know that are willing to let themselves by abused, will fight tooth and nail to keep the same from happening to others- including locker room teasing and such. Aside from Melanie's character flaws, I liked the story, but I was not overly thrilled with it overall.
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